Introduction Stibat Services

Producers (manufacturers and importers) are legally required to collect and recycle the batteries and accumulators they put on the market. In order to fulfil that requirement, producers of portable and industrial batteries have been working with Stichting Batterijen for 25 years. Producers of e-bike accumulators followed this example in 2015 and founded Stichting EPAC. Stibat performs statutory tasks for both foundations.

Efficient and safe

By now, the Stibat collection network consists of over 25,000 collection points. We pick up the collected batteries in our trucks and take them to sorting centres in a safe and efficient manner. We provide instruction to end users (companies, institutions and consumers) to maximise the collection of used batteries. Because we responsibly provide collection and recycling services, members of Stichting Batterijen and Stichting EPAC adhere to European laws and regulations in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Circular economy

Stibat offers services and solutions that contribute to the circular economy of batteries and accumulators. We prevent harmful substances form ending up in the soil, water and air. Instead, these materials are reused for the production of, for example, pans, rain gutters and bicycles. This way, we also help prevent material scarcity.

To measure is to know

Circularity and innovation are highly compatible. Moreover, we believe that ‘to measure is to know’. These were the principles based on which Stibat developed the Ecotest. This test shows how environmentally friendly and efficient the various processes are. For example, our truck drivers are ADR certified for the safe transport of hazardous substances, and our trucks are equipped in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, Stibat is ISO certified and thoroughly registers all its operations. Organisations in need of advice or a reliable partner for battery collection and ‑recycling should look no further than Stibat.

Four compliance tasks

This annual report contains the results of the four compliance tasks Stibat performs for Stichting Batterijen and Stichting EPAC: the realisation of the statutory collection percentage, the provision of a national collection network, the realisation of the statutory recycling efficiency and informing end users about the importance of separate collection. We also arrange the required registration and reporting to government on behalf of producers regarding the weight of the batteries and accumulators they put on the Dutch market each year.


Stichting Batterijen

Stichting Batterijen offers a collective solution for producers (manufacturers and importers) of portable and industrial batteries in order to meet their manufacturer responsibility requirements.
On 31 December 2019, 1102 producers of batteries and accumulators were affiliated with Stichting Batterijen through an accession agreement.

Stichting EPAC

Stichting EPAC offers a collective solution to producers (manufacturers and importers) of electric bicycles in order to meet their manufacturer responsibility requirements. On 31 December 2019, 83 producers of electrical bicycles were affiliated with Stichting EPAC through an accession agreement. EPAC stands for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles.